WTF is Pdx Dog’s Blog?

That’s likely what you’re wondering about now, eh? Well this is a new idea for an online blog/forum where ordinary citizens can get the raw poop about what’s really going on in Portland OR. We may include wider issues too, but this is primarily about what’s going on behind the scenes in our little burg fondly known as Pdx to locals.

So am I actually a dog, or does this blog specifically relate to dogs? Well no, not really. But we all are fond of dogs; they’re probably the most honest beings on planet Earth and they’re really good at sniffing out the real story (aka poop). That’s why we like to write from a dog’s perspective. They are low to the ground, can run fast, but most importantly, they can figure out people in about two seconds. Seriously, they can see right through you; your soul is openly on display to them. Dogs are way cool! So if we had a mission statement, it would be, “What would dog do?”   Since all this is coming from the canine perspective you may notice some dog terms and references here and there.

But the main goal is giving you access to information that you won’t find on the local news or parakeet-cage-liners (yeah, I am talking to you Or’gonian, WW, Merc, etc.). Hopefully we can make it interesting reading and even include some humor too. But most important is the content! While we tend to write in an irreverent style, our ultimate goal is to inform and educate the populace. If you’re not interested in learning, you are in the wrong place. If you would rather keep drinking the cor’prit kool-aid, then you may want to start with this link.

Why the heck am I bothering writing all this crap (haha, another dog reference!)? Like many of you I’ve lived here in Portland long enough to figure out a few things about this town. Sure it’s the Hipster-Haven of the USA, but while that scene is cool, that’s only what’s happening on the surface. Unfortunately a considerable percentage of the hipsters are mostly followers (there are a few exceptions to every stereotype of course).  The real movers and shakers in this town don’t talk about what they’re up to with the local rags, or if they do it’s simply to facilitate their PR; you will never see tough questions from our local media!  Consequently this makes Pdx a haven for shyster politicians and lobbyists who are selling our resources down the river for their short-term profit!

Being able critically think for oneself is super important in this day and age. If you haven’t figured it out by now, let me break it to you: the government, corporate-america, TheMan, etc., none of these entities are looking out for your best interests! Unless you’re one of those lucky-ass-snotty-nosed-trust-fund-babies, you need to figure out life for yourself. Ideally parents would help educate their pups but obviously that doesn’t always happen. A huge component of being educated is understanding how to think critically! I get that everyone may not have had the greatest parents, or maybe no parents at all (if so I am truly sorry), but while I understand that puts you at a disadvantage, that doesn’t relieve you of your duty to be a responsible citizen. There is much you can do on your own to educate yourself. I mean, come on dog, many colleges have their course material online, for free!

So what does critical thinking mean anyway? It means when someone is trying to sell you something and they’re giving you their best pitch, you say, “that’s nice, but I am going to check your claims before I pull out my wallet.” Believe me, I am no fan of Ronald Reagan, but he used to have a saying that I do agree with, “Trust, but verify.” If you believe the BS that spews from the PR firms that are the main-stream media these days, well let me just say, you need to wake up and smell the coffee (or latte, frappo, etc. as the case may be). Critical thinking is what allows you to discern fact from fiction, truth from BS, etc.

Look, this is an awesome town, especially with regards to its natural location and resources.  For example, the extremely unique gravity fed Bull Run water system has served the metro area very well for over a century, yet the powers that be are quietly moving to dismantle it with as little publicity as possible.  It’s time for an apropos Ben Franklin quote.  Leaving Independence Hall in Philadelphia after signing the United States Constitution, a young citizen inquired: “Dr. Franklin, what kind of government did you give us? A monarchy or a republic?” Franklin’s keen response was: “A republic, if you can keep it!”  Ben understood that the responsibility of a successful republic belongs inherently to the people; it is their involvement that makes and keeps the community strong and vital.  You vote and elect your reps, but that’s only a small part of your duties as a citizen.  You need to vet them before you vote, and then you want to keep an eye on them afterward as well; seems they need to reminded from time to time who they’re working for..

That’s probably enough intro material for now. I could go on… but I’ll spare you.

Email me any specific topics you want to talk about:

So here’s our first topic of discussion: Fluoride in your drinking water; yikes!


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